The Inception of Gospel Music Haus & Museum

Torchbearers Meet & Greet July 17
July 1, 2021
Mrs. Alfred J. Bonner
July 2, 2021

Gospel Music Haus and Museum was founded in 2021 in Houston,Texas as a unique blend of history and artistic expression. The dream of a performance hall and museum came as a result of an innate awareness of Houston’s rich Gospel Music history, the love for its legacy, and the need for its continual education, exposure, and preservation.

The journey began in an effort to find a home for Houston’s Gospel Music community. I strongly believe in building community and believe in the biblical principle that two are better than one. For decades, Houston-based singer and friend, Yolanda Adams, has partnered with me in other successful endeavors to unify our community. Once again, together, we have joined our hearts and hands and then reached out to others who share our vision and beliefs. Many have committed their time and treasure to help make this dream become a reality.

Fundamentally, we pay homage to those past Gospel singers and musicians who have contributed to this city’s Gospel Music legacy. And, we will value those who are yet contributing with their gifts and talents. Thirdly, we are committed to lay stones for those who are yet to come. Henceforth, I am proud to share this dream with you. One day, soon, I, Yolanda, and all of you will be awakened by the sound of the bell as it rings us into a place we call home - Gospel Music Haus and Museum.